1 in 5 cars leaving production lines worldwide are fitted with KYB shock absorbers as standard.

KYB Japan’s Gifu North Plant is the biggest shock absorber factory in the world.

KYB shock absorbers are subject to rigorous testing to ensure OPTIMUM EFFICIENCY and safety.

INDUSTRY LEADER in integrated automobile control.

SUPERIOR product quality is guaranteed

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Welcome to KYB Shock Absorbers South Africa

KYB is the largest hydraulic manufacturer in Japan, and one of the world’s largest suppliers of original equipment (OE) shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers. Over 1 million KYB shock absorbers are manufactured every week from our factories across the world, including our Japanese Gifu plant- the largest shock absorber factory in the world.

KYB has 89 worldwide bases and is OE (original equipment) supplier to 1 in 5 cars in the world.

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Protect Struts from dirt and dust. Why change Protection Kits and when should Protection Kits be changed?

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Improve Handling and control. Why change Shock Mounting kits and when Shock Mounting kits should be changed?

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