Shock Absorber Mounting Kits

What do shock absorber mounting kits do?

  • Mounting Kits provide a rubber cushion between the chassis and suspension, helping to reduce stress on the suspension by absorbing vibration.
  • The bearing allows the steering wheel to turn the suspension column and the wheels. It also returns the steering wheel to its natural straight position if released.
  • They also affect the angle of how the shock absorber sits – if the rubber is worn, it can cause extra stress upon it.
  • Mounting Kits work just as hard as shock absorbers. To ensure smooth steering and passenger comfort, mounting kits should be replaced at the same time as shocks and springs.

What we offer

KYB offers a full range of full mounting kits – this means the mount, bearing, and all nuts, screws and other accompanying items are included. The part number for these always begins with “SM”.


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