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KYB is one of the world’s largest suppliers of shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers, with 1 in 5 of all vehicles leaving production lines worldwide fitted with KYB as standard. Years of expertise have helped KYB to become an industry leader not only in shock absorber production but integrated automobile control systems and suspension module production and development.

KYB aftermarket shock absorbers are manufactured using the same factories and technology as for OE. The valving is updated to allow for the fact that the shock absorbers will be fitted to a vehicle with other worn suspension components; in order to restore the ride as close as possible to how the vehicle was when it was brand new. This means that KYB aftermarket products are the same as OE supply.

KYB provides superior product quality to all of its customers throughout the world in a variety of industries. KYB will never compromise on product quality. All KYB factories are certified with ISO9001, QS9000 and ISO14001

Why should replacement spring always be fitted in axle pairs?

Although one spring may have broken and requires replacing, the other springs will be fatigued and failure may be imminent. As with shock absorbers, replacing just one spring will result in an unbalanced axle which will manifest itself with uneven braking and handling.

What kind of controls do KYB use during production?

Everything is controlled concerning both quality and tuning parameters. For quality, KYB tests design specification, component quality, production line quality. For tuning parameters, KYB tests piston orifices, initial load of valves and springs, thickness and quantity of valves, piston ports and nut torque settings.

Why do I need to check suspension geometry after fitting new springs?

As springs fatigue and sag, caster, camber, toe and the turning circle are affected, therefore, a full geometry check after fitting new springs will reduce wear in tyres, track rod ends etc.

How do I adjust a Gas-a-Just shock absorber?

The name of this product refers to an internal self adjusting valve mechanism. It is not possible to manually adjust this shock absorber.

Why are coil springs which come off a vehicle often longer than the new springs supplied as replacements?

Because the old springs have become coil bound. They have stopped returning to their original height following extensive compression.

Why are shocks for OE and aftermarket sometimes different?

Because OE shocks are designed according to manufacturer specifications for a brand new vehicle. For the aftermarket, the shocks are designed to compensate for the fact that other components on the vehicle are likely to be worn and KYB wants to restore the way the suspension performs to how the manufacturer intended. The main differences are the damping force and the stroke length.

What kind of oil is used in KYB shock absorbers? Does it vary depending on the climate?

KYB uses the same specially designed oil in all its shock absorbers, regardless of the area they are to be used. It is made from mineral oil, with patented additives and catalysts. It takes into account: durability, performance at both low and high temperature, and low friction.

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