Don’t hold the piston rod with any tools (mole grips etc), as this will damage the surface of the piston rod and cause the oil seals to leak.


Don’t put any water, oil or other liquid inside the strut housing as this may damage the cartridge. KYB cartridges are designed to be used without liquid at both high and low temperatures.


Don’t use an impact wrench to tighten a nut onto a piston rod. This can make the torque higher than the recommended limit.


Use only fitting parts (nuts, spacers, washers etc) supplied with the KYB shock absorber, rather than the OE parts, as sometimes they may be a different size.


If the shock absorber being replaced is not the original one, but an aftermarket part from another brand, any ancillary parts (dust cover, bump stop, bushing etc) cannot be re-used for KYB shock absorbers. You may need to order KYB or OE parts.


Shock absorbers should always be fitted in pairs.



Always ensure the vehicle is back on all 4 wheels before tightening upper mountings.