VW Shock Replacement: Volkswagen Jetta 6 & Golf VI

Learn how to replace rear Volkswagen Golf and Jetta shocks with our comprehensive video tutorial. The video outlines the correct fitment of the shock absorbers and mounting kits. Please note that VW shock absorber replacement and maintenance depends on the model and year of the vehicle. This replacement guide applies to the Volkswagen Jetta 6, Golf V & Golf VI.

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Volkswagen Shock Absorber Replacement Tools

Make sure you have the following vehicle maintenance and repair tools at your disposal:

VW Jetta And Golf Rear Shock Absorber Replacement Steps

  1. Raise the vehicle with a transmission jack lift
  2. Remove the wheel
  3. Spray control arm nuts and bolts with penetrating oil
  4. Remove the wheel arch lining
  5. Remove the old VW shock absorber
  6. Remove the upper fastener of the old shock absorber
  7. Attach the new VW shock absorber to the fastener
  8. Fit the new shock absorber into the wheel arch
  9. Re-fit the wheel arch lining
  10. Re-fit the wheel
  11. Lower the vehicle

Master Each Step With Our VW Shock Replacement Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Jettas have shocks or struts?

Volkswagen Jetta vehicles have both shocks and struts. The rear suspension consists of rear shock mounts, shock bump stops, shock dust sleeves and strut nuts/bolts. All of these components contribute to the smoothness of the ride.

How long do VW shocks last?

VW shocks can last up to 10 years if the vehicle is mostly driven on smooth urban roads. This means after 40 000 – 50 000kms, you can expect to replace the shocks. In the event of leaking shocks or a bumpy ride, we recommend replacing the shocks sooner.

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