How to change shock absorbers on Toyota Yaris

Follow the step-by-step guide below to ensure your shocks absorbers are properly and safely installed on a Toyota Yaris. (Please note that the steps may vary depending on the model of the Yaris).

Getting Started

Before you get started, make sure the vehicle is safely raised on a vehicle lift, with the wheels removed, and have the following tools at your disposal:

  • KYB Front Shock Absorber for Toyota Aygo – R&L: Excel-G, Twin Tube (Part No. 333745)
  • Tools:
    • Socket wrench: 10, 14, 19 mm
    • Spanner: 17 mm
    • Screwdrivers: 6, 17, 19 mm
  • Penetrating oil
  • Hammer and a pin punch
  • Heavy-duty ratchet strap
  • Coil spring compressor
  • Transmission jack lift

How to replace front shock on Toyota Yaris

  1. Spray the fastening bolts connecting the shock strut to the steering knuckle with a penetrating oil.
  2. Remove the fastener bolts with a 14 mm socket.
  3. Disconnect the shock absorber wiring and brake hose piping using a 14 mm ring spanner.
  4. Disconnect stabiliser link using a 6 mm screwdriver and a 17 mm spanner.
  5. Unscrew the steering knuckle from the shock absorber strut with a 19 mm drive socket.
  6. Raise the steering knuckle using a transmission lift.
  7. Remove the bolts with a hammer and a pin punch.
  8. Secure the steering knuckle with a heavy-duty ratchet strap.
  9. Remove windscreen wipers with a 14 mm socket.
  10. Remove the upper part of the cowl grille panel.
  11. Loosen the top fastening of the shock strut mount using a 10 mm drive socket.
  12. Remove the lower part of the cowl grille panel using a 10 mm drive socket.
  13. Unscrew the top strut fastening using 6 and 17mm screwdriver bits.
  14. Remove the shock absorber.
  15. Set the shock absorber and coil on the spring compressor tool.
  16. Remove the top strut mount with 6 and 17 mm screwdrivers.
  17. Install the coil spring on the new shock absorber.
  18. Make sure the coil spring, shock absorber and top strut mount align correctly.
  19. Install the shock strut mount and fasten bolts using 19 and 6mm (3.3 daN.m) screwdrivers.
  20. Place the new shock absorber back in the wheel arch of the vehicle.
  21. Fasten the top screws of the shock strut, but do not fully tighten it yet.
  22. Remove the heavy-duty ratchet strap from the steering knuckle.
  23. Remove the transmission jack lift.
  24. Attach the new shock absorber strut to the steering knuckle.
  25. Install the fastening bolts with a 19 mm socket (16.4 daN.m).
  26. Connect stabiliser link using a 6 mm (5 daN.m) screwdriver bit and a 17 mm ring spanner.
  27. Connect shock absorber wiring and brake piping using a 14 mm socket.
  28. Re-fit the wheel and lower the vehicle.
  29. Tighten the shock strut top fastening screws using 6 mm (5.5 daN.m) and 17 mm screwdriver.
  30. Re-install the lower part of the cowl grille panel using a 10 mm socket.
  31. Secure the upper strut fastener with a 10 mm socket.
  32. Re-install the upper part of the cowl grille panel.
  33. Reconnect the windscreen wipers using a 14 mm drive socket.
  34. Secure the cowl grille seal.

Choose quality components in your car

Excel-G shock absorbers from KYB are used by vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket repair shops across the world. The shock absorbers and struts are designed for maximum handling and comfort. Our patented valving and the use of pressurised nitrogen gas in the Excel-G range significantly reduces the aeration and foaming that typically occurs in other shock absorbers. That means greater performance over a greater shock life.

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