How To Replace Renault Megane Shock Absorbers

Learn how to replace Renault Megane front shock absorbers with our comprehensive video tutorial. The steps in the video apply to the Renault Megane I, Grandtour and Scenic models.

Please note that Renault shock absorber replacement and maintenance depends on the model and year of the vehicle.

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Renault Megane Front Shock Absorber Replacement Tools

Make sure you have the following auto maintenance and repair tools at your disposal:


  1. Raise the vehicle using a transmission jack lift
  2. Remove the front wheel of the vehicle
  3. Disconnect the wiring and brake hose from the mount
  4. Remove the old shock absorber
  5. Compress the coil spring of the old shock absorber
  6. Install the new shock absorber coil spring
  7. Mount the new shock absorber in the wheel arch

Watch Our Renault Megane Shock Replacement Video For Detailed Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace a pair of Renault Megane shock absorbers?

Replacing a pair of Renault Megane shocks with KYB products typically costs between R500 and R1500, depending on the supplier and potential installation costs. Shock absorber pricing is also determined by the unit size and specifications.

How do you know if your Renault Megane shocks need replacing?

Your Renault Megane shocks might need replacing if you notice uneven tyres, difficulty controlling the vehicle, vibrations, or knocking noises. A leaking shock absorber is also a sign that a replacement is needed.

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